ICT Support Services.

Network setup

Scalable, effective ICT support to help manage your existing infrastructure, supplement your in-house team and deliver ICT skills and expertise when and where you need it most.

Investing in a sound ICT system is important. Likewise, providing the support to keep those systems running optimally is equally vital. Our flexible support model means that we’re ready to provide the support you need, at a moment’s notice. Our support can be scaled up or down to meet the immediate and long-term ICT requirements of your business.

We maximize system availability and reduce the system administration burden on internal IT personnel.

Our ICT Support Services cover:

  • Security – A world-class, secure platform to ensure your data cannot be accessed by other parties.
  • Core system management – 24/7 monitoring services for IT infrastructure, including server, storage, n etwork and security devices. Performance thresholds are established with automatic alerting to our team, enabling the identification and remediation of looming issues before they impact the business.
  • Support service helpdesk –  A single point of contact providing technical support dependent on business need, from standard business days-business hours to on-call 24/7 support.
  • Performance and availability management – Keep your systems running at peak performance and simplify the management of your technology environment with reliable service level agreements.
  • Procurement partner – Working with you to purchase and supply your ICT equipment on time and as required.
  • End User Services: Give your employees access to the hardware and software they need to improve service levels and maximize productivity.

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As a business ourselves, we understand that sometimes you just need that added support without the big capital investment, and that’s where our ICT Support Services step in.