A TechXpert is an individual who has a high level of technical expertise while at the same time exhibiting an outstanding commitment to Customer Service. We work together and push each other to create work we can all be proud of.

Orani B

Lead Developer

is a top notch guy who is very skilled in web technologies. He's a real go-getter, full of energy and a drive to solve challenges and come up with creative solutions. His knowledge of the technology industry is vast, and he's a great leader for his team. Other Skills: Gaming, tech reviews..more gaming
Chebet F

Customer Service Exec'

Chebet is one of those professionals that responds timely and is always helpful, cheerful and truthful. She is a pleasure to work with, plus she is so knowledgeable about ICT solutions that she hardly ever needs to forward you to tech support. She is just the best you can ask for.

Other Skills: Writing, singing
Gilbert Morris

Business Development Exec'

He has a track record of successfully marketing innovations for business growth. Gilbert has a quirky brilliance for sales & marketing and business development. He is involved in SEO, SEM, Interactive, Mobile, Social Media, Data Analytics and Inside Sales initiatives. He displays a rare degree of commitment in meeting and surpassing objectives Other Skills: Social Media Guru
David Kariuki


An entrepreneur whose key interest is providing the most effective & affordable solutions to everyday business challenges. Our CEO also boasts of expertise in the ICT sector being an experienced web developer, cyber-security analyst and SEO specialist. He continues to inspire the team to innovate and more importantly, follow their passion.   Other Skills: Photography, Leadership


Working At Glowbal TechXperts

At the end of the day any company is only as good as the people that choose to work there. You may have the best systems in the world or the most innovative solutions and so on, but if your team does not buy into it, it will not work.

Things can be hard in business at times and it is only a pride and passion in what one does that keeps you going. You have got to love this business.
You have got to believe in the power of innovation. You have got to know what you are talking about. But, most of all you have got to be relentless. Who will never, ever let go.